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Sept. 16, 1999 - Soritong 1.0 Released

Soritong 1.0 is finally here! The new features include CD-Audio support, WMA (MS Audio 4.0) support, timer, playlist (.pla) bug fix, and expanded language pack (Configuration is now localizable).

Download the latest version of Soritong

* We are very sorry about the lack of any updates for last several months. It's not that it took us that many months to upgrade Soritong, but rather we have been working hard on several other projects to support ourselves financially. Brand new player is also under development right now, and we are sure that it will make up for the several months of silence.

Jan. 8, 2000 - SAP 0.9 Beta Released

Check out our new SAP (Streaming Audio Player) 0.9 beta! Tons of things are added in this release. For starter, the configuration section is almost complete. You can now change skin, font, animation speed, and so on. The streaming support enables you to simply "drag-and-drop" link onto SAP. Visualization (spectrum analyzer), is now cooler than ever!

Download the latest version of SAP

Supported files : mp3, mp2, m3u, pla

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